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How we may obtain personal information

We may collect personal data concerning you and gather information connected with your use of this site in a number of ways. This may arise by virtue of you visiting this site (using the standard data generated by our website server logs), by you participating in site surveys, or by you contacting us.

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Collection of Personal Data

If you register to use the Website discussion forum then HealthRisen may collect personal data about you, including without limitation your name, nickname, age, medical conditions and a valid email address from you when you register to use these services on the Website. This data will be held in confidence solely for the purpose of administering your account with us and sending relevant messages to you about the Website and its community of users.

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Use of information that does not identify you

We may use personal data for the provision of demographic information of an aggregated and collective nature for our own analysis of commercial trends, site usage and other similar research and statistics. We may share this with third parties in an anonymous format that does not allow you to be identified.