About Us

HealthRisen UK strives to be the leading innovator in benchmarking public services and communicating information about services to the general public.

What we do

HealthRisen UK's aim is not only to inform, but also to act as a catalyst for change.
If you would like to put your health in the best hands, private hospitals in UK cities could be the answer. HealthRisen is here to offer information and guidance on the options available to patients in the UK. Here you can read about featured consultants, clinics, treatments and private hospitals in UK, and choose care from the specialists that come with the best feedback from fellow patients.

HealthRisen UK helps people make informed decisions about private healthcare services, and NHS services by offering information, which is current, and comprehensive. The site embraces all aspects of health care services, including private hospitals, NHS units, and respective specialists that either work in the NHS or the private sector.

Why we do it

More than one million people use some kind of health service every day, but most do not realise that they have a right to be consulted and exercise a certain degree of choice in the selection of their health service provider.

HealthRisen UK's mission is to empower providers and consumers of health and social care to make the best possible choices through independent information.

HealthRisen UK also undertakes to partake in high quality research, which in turn is trusted by the professional community, the public and the media. We pride ourselves on our in depth and innovative presentations to make our findings accessible across many cross sections of our audience.

HealthRisen UK exists to make healthcare data better and more accessible, thus helping healthcare organisations improve their quality of care. We aim to be the leading provider of healthcare information and benchmarking solutions in England – and increasingly, worldwide. Our innovative products, services and resources enable both providers and commissioners of healthcare to benchmark and monitor the quality and efficiency of health services, along with clinical effectiveness thus identifying potential cost savings throughout their organization.

And, through HealthRisen.com, we have empowered – and continue to do so – patients to make informed choices about their care. If you need intelligent insight into health data, we can help.

HealthRisen UK aims to improve the quality and efficiency of health and social care and other public services through better use and understanding of information. HealthRisen UK also adheres to a code of conduct that prohibits political bias and requires it to act in the interest of the general public.

Who we are

HealthRisen UK was founded on the belief that only through better information and concerted measurement could hospital performance be vastly improved and unfortunate variations in performance reduced.

HealthRisen UK was founded on an idea – the idea that collecting and publishing healthcare information would save lives. We believe that better access to information has made the NHS a safer, more efficient and more transparent service, and will continue to do so in the future.

That’s why our thought leadership programme continues to share new thinking, provoke debate and stimulate action in transforming data into knowledge and knowledge into healthcare improvement.

The programme is informed by the breadth and depth of our relationships across the NHS, Whitehall, local government, academia and the private sector. These relationships enhance the impact of our thought leadership work by enabling us to work collaboratively with others, to draw respected players into relevant conversations and to highlight innovation and good practice.

HealthRisen endeavours to provide a complete and comprehensive database of UK Consultants and Hospitals (Both NHS and Independent), with detailed information and feedback provided by the patients treated. The website attracts around 3 million hits per year.

HealthRisen's objective is to become the definitive directory of this type, giving extensive data on Consultants throughout the UK. We have a team of Editors that update the database (over 85,000 senior doctors) on a scheduled basis.

We have a dedicated customer service team - allowing our Members to feel confident in the service and data that we provide. HealthRisen prides itself on its friendly and dedicated employees. We always strive to provide the highest level of satisfaction for Members by dealing with people on a one on one basis.