Editorial Policy

HealthRisen has adopted The Information Standard and accepts its aims to improve the quality of health related information provided to the public.

Production - All authored content on HealthRisen is based on reliable reference material, the main sources of which include:

National guidance, e.g. NICE, GAIN and SIGN - Guidelines produced by a Royal College or a major UK or European professional organisation Academic papers, e.g. Cochrane, BMJ and Lancet reviews Guidelines from the Department of Health and the Health Protection Agency Pharmaceutical publications such as the BNF, Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs) and manufacturers' Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)

Checks - The editorial process includes a clinical peer-review of all authored content which considers accuracy, balance, accessibility and tone; proofreading by a designated member of staff for spelling, typographic or grammatical errors, consistency of terminology, adherence to house style, overall presentation and a final sign-off by the author.

Review - All authored content is routinely reviewed within a 1 year period (depending on the nature of the content) although most is reviewed sooner in the light of new or updated guidance, academic papers or user feedback. The last reviewed date is shown on all authored content together with authorship details.

Feedback - We encourage user feedback on a simple form available from the bottom of every article we publish on our website. All constructive feedback is considered and investigated and, if necessary, the authored content is revised as soon as possible.